South Dakota Secretary of State Steve Barnett announced today that his office will mail absentee ballot applications to all South Dakotans registered in the statewide voter registration file, with the exception of voters that have already applied for the 2020 election cycle or voters in counties sending applications on their own. “Ensuring every South Dakota voter has access to exercise their right to vote is the goal of all election officials in our state. In response to the current pandemic, we are encouraging all South Dakotans to utilize our state’s absentee vote-by-mail option for our upcoming elections. Absentee ballot applications will be mailed to each registered voter at the mailing address listed on their voter registration form,” Barnett stated.

Absentee ballot applications are set to be mailed between April 17-24. Voters are encouraged to complete their application as soon as possible to allow for delivery and processing times. Once an application is verified by the county auditor, a ballot will be mailed to the voter.

State law requires completed absentee ballot applications to be notarized or include a photocopy of an acceptable photo identification card. Acceptable photo identification cards include a South Dakota driver’s license or non-driver ID card, tribal photo ID, passport or other picture ID issued by the United States government, or a current student photo ID issued by a South Dakota high school or postsecondary education institution. Voters lacking access to a copy machine or notary public may take a photo of their ID using their phone or camera and email it to their county auditor. Please contact your county auditor for more information regarding this option. County auditor contact information can be found on the Secretary of State’s website at www.sdsos.gov. Voters that don’t receive an application due to an undeliverable address and wish to obtain an absentee ballot may request an application from their county auditor or download the form on the Secretary of State’s website at www.sdsos.gov. South Dakota’s primary election will be held June 2, 2020.