Brittney Schiefelbein

Brittney Schiefelbein has been a part of the American Family Insurance family since May of 2004, and currently runs the Brittney Schiefelbein Agency LLC for Onida, Pierre, and Gettysburg. Born and raised in Onida, Brittney has watched many of the methods of insurance evolve more and more.

As a Sully Buttes student, Brittney was involved in basketball, volleyball, and track. While she was also involved with student council, the sports kept her time occupied for most of her years.

“I was also a football statistician… every season was something different,” said Brittney.

After graduating from Sully Buttes, Brittney pursued four years of sociology classes at Northern State University. After graduating, she was offered a split choice between working with her father, or working with her mother with insurance at American Family Insurance.

“Northern didn’t offer a Criminal Justice minor at the time, but they did offer a specialization, so that’s what I was thinking I would end up doing,” said Brittney, “I would either pursue law school or the FBI. When I graduated college, I had both parents asking me to work with them… and insurance won.” Brittney’s parents are Dan Lamb of Lamb’s Chevrolet and Implement and Colleen Lamb, who recently retired from American Family Insurance. “I wasn’t sure I’d like this business, but I quickly grew passionate about working with people and insurance in general.”

One primary attribute to insurance is that every day was “very different” to Brittany, and that working in insurance always presents new challenges. “A lot of it takes some investigating and figuring out what’s best for each client,” said Brittney, “and I haven’t regretted it since.”

Over the past years, technology has rapidly begun to change, and as evolving technology contributes to insurance, insurance comes to evolve with it.

“We’re constantly getting new systems, new ways of pricing, new ways of tailoring the product to each client as opposed to just a general policy for everybody,” said Brittney, “There’s data entry, and there’s a lot more detail as far as specifics to that one account. Everything has become so sophisticated that you have to keep up.”

Brittney’s agency has offices in Pierre, Onida, and Gettysburg, going full-time in Pierre and Onida, and part-time in Gettysburg, with six full-time team members in total. Although her mother is technically retired, she still assists part-time by helping answer phones during a short-staffed period. While Brittney is happy with the areas currently being served as of now, the agency has recently taken clients from the Philip area.

“I am pretty happy with the areas that we serve right now,” said Brittney.

Together with her husband Derek, Brittney has three children, sons Carter and Bronson and daughter Quinn. Outside of work, Brittney and her family are involved in sports. As far as the community, a majority of what the Agency does involves sports and fundraisers. Brittney has been involved with Rotary clubs within Pierre and Gettysburg. She is also a member of the Chamber.