2022 Sully County Junior and Senior Snow Queen's Adrian Gruis and Mallory Wiley

After a day of interviews and practice before taking the stage in their pageant finery Mallory Wiley was named 2022 Snow Queen and Adrian Gruis was named 2022 Junior Snow Queen during the annual Sully County Snow Queen Pageant Saturday.

Pageant programs were distributed by Saige Heath and tickets collected by Holly Miles, who also made arrangements for the judges luncheon with the contestants.

The trio of Marla Mosiman on piano and Moriah Gross and Emily Mertes on violin performed the prelude that welcomed the audience to the 62nd annual pageant prior to emcee Hayley Miller taking the podium.

Following tradition, the pageant opened with the parade of contestants Mallory Wiley, Payge Bakker, Adrian Gruis, and Sheridan Voorhees attended by escorts Reece Voorhees and Thomas Farries. 2021 Sully County Junior Snow Queen Lilly Paxton reigned over the festival.

Future escorts and Snow Queens who took the stage were Chance Solderholm and Augustus Gross and Karsyn Shepherd, Rielyn Mennenger, Emilia Miller, Storm Moore, Bevin Bertsche, Shally Muller, Luci Alexander, Jovi Jaeger. Cadence Jacquot, Ruby Sutton, Remi Moore, Clara Morin, Sophia Croxall, Blakely Colestock, Chase Solderholm, Ryleigh Kunard, Charlotte LaLonde, Wendalyn Morin, Eva Baker, Brystol Baker, and Delilah Baker.

The Sully Buttes music ensemble comprised of Griffin Petersen, Collin Bradberry, Adeline Forgey, Taryn Kenzy, Trinity Kenzy, Reese Voorhees, and Darion Osterkamp and directed by Sully Buttes Instrumental Music instructor Erica Paxton entertained the audience while the judges made their final deliberations.

To conclude the evening, the farewell message from 2021 Snow Queen Jill Hofer was read since Hofer was unable to attend due to her obligation to the Dordt Dance Team. 2021 Junior Snow Queen Lilly Paxton made her final pageant walk and named Sheridan Voorhees Miss Congeniality as affirmed by a vote of her fellow contestants. Named 2022 Sully County Junior Snow Queen was Adrian Gruis. She will go on to participate in the South Dakota Junior Snow Queen competition in Aberdeen January 8, 2022. Mallory Wiley was named 2022 Sully County Snow Queen. She will take part in the Snow Queen Festival in Aberdeen January 16, 2022.

The Sully County Snow Queen Pageant is a production of the Sully County Active Group under the direction of Janel Wiley and Vicki Lentz with support from Chelsea LaLonde, Hayley Miller, and Erica Paxton.