Prior to conducting routine business, Sully County Commissioners met in executive session with States Attorney Emily Sovell for legal matters. When they went into regular session, they voted to amend their meeting agenda to include the county website. There was a motion by Joe Fanger and second by Bill Floyd to eliminate the county’s website

A review of the county’s website reveals that the September 3, 2019 meeting of the Sully County Commission was not properly posted, according to Open Meetings Law.

A source of county information since 2004, the website has served as a reference for people for office contacts, forms, bid notices, minutes, notice of public meetings, grassland fire danger, and fees, with links to the State of South Dakota, South Dakota Association of County Officials, City of Onida, Onida Area Economic Development, the Agar-Blunt-Onida School District, the National Weather Service and Sully County and Onida City maps. The website receives over 1000 page views every month and has been an important link between county officials and their constituents.

In public input during the Minimum Maintenance Road Hearing, Blake Yackley, Todd Yackley, Ed Eller, and Jeff Weinheimer questioned what does a minimum maintenance road mean. The question was raised of why the road that already receives minimum maintenance needs the designation. Commissioners clarified that the minimum maintenance designation is for liability purposes. Commissioners resolved to designate four (4) miles of 293rd Avenue in Pearl Township beginning at the intersection of 178th Street located in Section 1-115N-79W proceeding south and ending at the intersection of 182nd Street located in Section 24-115N-79W minimum maintenance.

Discussion was held concerning the Local Emergency Performance Grant that was agreed upon at last month’s meeting. Olson pointed out concerns he has with the agreement and whether it was still a viable program for the County to continue participating in.

Bids for motor grader financing were opened. The bid called for seven years financing with payments to begin in January 2021. The bid from BankWest was approved at 3.5% interest rate. Cap First Financial’s bid was rejected because its financing package began in 2020.

The board examined county cash balances and changes made in various program budgets including a 3% salary increase for elected officials excluding the commissioners and all county employees with Highway Superintendent receiving an 8% salary increase.

Upcoming commission meetings include the September 8-9 John Deere Gold Key Tour in the Quad Cities by Fanger, Yackley, Richards and Supt. Schall. A special meeting of the Sully County Commission will be held on Thursday, September 26 at 7:30 a.m. to approve the provisional budget as the 2020 annual budget. The next regular board meeting is Tuesday, October 1 at 8:30 a.m.

In other business, the board reviewed and approved plat lots at Sutton Bay Golf and reviewed the insurance adjuster report on county owned vehicles and buildings.