Sully County election results

Of 1,103 registered voters in Sully County, 942 ballots were cast resulting in 85.4% voter turnout, nearly twenty percentage points greater than the statewide turnout of 66.7%.

In the race for President of the United States, Donald J. Trump (R) was re-elected with 78% of the vote.

Senator Mike Rounds (R) was likewise re-elected with 82% of the vote.

For Public Utilities Commissioner, incumbent Gary Hanson (R) retained his seat with 82% of the vote.

Representing District 24, Mary Duvall (R) was elected to the State Senate and Will Mortenson (R) and Mike Weisgram (R) to the State House.

Sully County voters rejected Amendment A to legalize recreational marijuana, but approved Initiated Measure 26 to legalize medical marijuana and Amendment B to allow sports wagering in Deadwood.

With 86% responding favorably, Justice Steven Jensen was retained on the South Dakota Supreme Court.