Tracy Scott

Tracy Scott has been an ABO educator for more than two decades, and has recently turned her creativity into an online business making bath bombs, candles, tumblers and other gift items.

An English teacher by trade, Tracy calls her business ‘Treasures by Tracy’ because it’s a “catchy name, and for the alliteration concept” of the repeated ‘tr’ sound.

Her initial creative forays were into making bath bombs. “I saw it on Pinterest and tried to make some on my own,” said Tracy. “I shared what I made with my nieces as gifts, and came upon the Etsy site idea, and that’s how it evolved.” Tracy sells her products online at

Tracy has tweaked the original Pinterest recipe to make a double batch and “so it works better.”

Already working with scents to create her bath bombs, it was a short hop to the next products she developed, candles and soaps.

“I started with essential oils and made my own recipes with them, but now I go through CandleScience,” said Tracy. “They have a larger variety of scents that are already created for the products I make.”

In addition to her Etsy site, Tracy has her products in the South Dakota Popcorn store in Pierre and at Crazy B’s in Onida. “I’ve been busy recently with Christmas season sales.”

Explaining her process, Tracy says she makes bath bombs when she gets home from school and on weekends. “I have a bath bomb press, so it takes me about an hour to make six or seven bombs of one scent,” said Tracy. “I usually make seven or eight batches at a time.” Depending on what she has to do, Tracy says she spends between 10-15 hours per week creating.

Tracy says that she uses the controlled environment of a refrigerator during the drying process so the bath bombs “dry evenly and don’t crack.”

After the bombs have dried, she shrink wraps and labels them. “I create my own labels Cricut.”

Lately Tracy has expanded her product line to include tumblers. “I saw some fun ones and I started creating,” said Tracy. “I’ve always been kind of a crafty person. They’re fun to create, and I’ve made quite a few custom tumblers.”

At the Crazy B’s, Tracy’s candles sell particularly well. For Christmas, she added ‘angel’s wings’ scented candles. She has amaretto scented candles for Valentine’s Day. “I usually have just three candles of each scent, but people are asking about the amaretto.”

To make shopping easy, Tracy has developed gift baskets that she sells in her online store. “I’m pretty busy in the spring with Mother’s Day baskets and end of year teacher baskets.” She also does well with her Christmas gift baskets.

Tracy also goes on the road for vendor shows. “I was doing a couple trade shows a month, but that was too much,” said Tracy. “I try to focus on just one a month now.”

Treasures by Tracy is “a side business, at least for a while;” Tracy spends her days teaching junior high English and high school Spanish.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys traveling and camping together with her husband Eric.