Carrie Jo Howard and Leann Weischedel

When lifelong friends Carrie Jo Howard and Leann Weischedel set their dreams of owning a store into motion by establishing the 3 Friends store in Onida, their friends worried it might ruin their friendship.

“A really good friend of ours told me, ‘You shouldn’t do this! What if you get in a fight and ruin a good friendship?’” relates Carrie Jo. She says she assured their friend that “we’ve been fighting our whole lives. Leann is like my sister.”

And like sisters, the pair often find themselves with the same thought at the same time. “A lot of times, I’ll say, ‘we should put this piece over there,’ and she’ll go, ‘I was thinking the exact same thing!’” said Leann.

The partners say the ten years since they opened for ’Twas the Night Before Christmas in 2010 have gone by really fast. “I don’t think we thought we’d make it ten years,” said Carrie Jo.

Talking about the ‘third friend’ referenced in the name of their store, Beaba Terca ”wouldn’t have been quite as excited about it as we were,” said Leann. “We were in an antique store, and I was looking at a jar of marbles, and she said, ‘Leann what do you want marbles for - have you lost your marbles?’ She was a lot of fun.”

“We used to work hard and play hard,” said Leann.

“Now we just work hard,” quipped Carrie Jo.

The hard work involves acquiring new items, and making new items. Their first year, the store consisted of just the front room where they sold jewelry and purses.

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