Leann Weischedel

Leann Weischedel grew up in Blunt and graduated Sully Buttes in 1976. Soon after, she located with husband Allen to their farm northwest of Onida. The family moved to Onida in 1994 while their children were attending school, but after 26 years of living in the town, Weischedel is working toward returning to the home place.

Weischedel has worked with BankWest for 42 and ½ years, but before she began counting quarters, she worked at JC Penney’s after she got out of high school for one year. Weischedel got her start in banking at Pierre National Bank, now BankWest, and in 1985, she transferred to the BankWest in Onida.

“When I first joined, I was a teller,” said Weischedel, “and now I’m an operations administrator doing operations work. I open accounts, do background on accounts, and check to see that accounts are set up correctly. There are reports you have to look at from time to time to make sure everything is correct.”

Despite putting in all this time to the bank, Weischedel actually had no idea that she would go into banking. “There was a job available and I took it,” said Weischedel. “I just learned along the way, but there have definitely been a lot of changes since the beginning. There is a lot more to banking than just ‘handling money,’ but it’s a good job.”

One out-of-the-ordinary occurrence at the bank was when the bank had been broken into, along with Lamb’s and the Corner. “We came to work one morning, and realized that the bank had been broken into the night before,” said Weischedel. “They were caught, but luckily no money was taken because everything is locked up. They did pull out file drawers, but they didn’t get anything from them.”

Another conundrum was when a heavy windstorm took off the roof of the bank. “We were up at 10:30 p.m. at night, and there were inches of water,” said Weischedel, “We were trying to unplug computers and get everything out of there before the roof caved in!”

In addition to her tenure with BankWest, Weischedel operates the 3 Friends occasional store with business partner Carrie Jo Howard. She and husband Allen have two children, JD, who passed away in 2006 as the result of a farming acccident, and Lyndsey and husband Shane Holzworth of Gettysburg, and grandson Jake.

It was JD who initiated Weischedel Bucking Bulls, a dream that his parents continue to operate. “It’s a good dream,” said Weischedel.