Jamie Nye, Butch DeSautell, and Colton Nye comprise the three generations who have operated the local lumberyard. since 1982

In the fall of 2019, Jamie and Jen Nye announced their plans to retire from operating Nye Lumber and their hope that another entrepreneurial man or woman would be interested in acquiring the business. As it turned out, they needn’t have looked farther than their own backyard.

Colton Nye is giving up his involvement in the construction trade to become the manager of the lumberyard. After he completes his training, Jen will continue to do the lumberyard’s bookwork, and Jamie will help him when needed, but Colton will be handling the day to day business.

The lumberyard has operated in Onida since 1910, first as the Atlas Lumber Company, and then as Peavey Lumber from 1936-1982, when Colton’s grandfather, Cliff ‘Butch’ DeSautell began DeSautell Lumber. The business became Nye Lumber in 1994 when Jamie and Jen took over, and now Colton, becoming the third generation to operate the business community cornerstone.

While still in high school, Colton began working at Nye Lumber in 2001, and continued during the summer while earning his B.S. in Biology from BHSU in Spearfish - where he also worked part-time for ProBuild lumberyard.

After graduating in 2010, Colton returned to Onida and worked full time for Jamie and Jen before going to work for Olivier Construction in 2013.

He has almost 20 years of hands-on knowledge about construction he learned from working with his dad, Michael John Olivier and Todd Jacquot.

The line of lumbermen will continue on in his family, from his grandfather, Butch DeSautell, to his father, Jamie Nye who began working for Butch in 1987 and purchased the yard from him in the fall of 1994 and now to Colton.