This image from the city’s recent dump inspection indicates infractions found by the DENR.

With the arrival of warmer weather and dryer conditions, area residents are beautifying their properties, cleaning up their yards, sheds and garages in readiness for gardening and other spring activities. Individuals hauling debris to the city rubble site west of Onida are cautioned against dumping willy-nilly.

During a recent inspection of the city’s facilities, the following unauthorized items were noted: plastic sheeting and cardboard in the construction and demolition debris disposal trench. Inspectors required that the unauthorized waste “must be removed and taken to a permitted solid waste landfill for disposal.”

City Finance Officer Rondha Hiller says that the landfill is inspected annually “to make sure that we are following the rules mandated by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).”

According to Hiller, the DENR closes landfills all around the state for not following rules. Whenever plastic grocery bags, drink bottles, aluminum cans, etc. appear in the wrong piles at the dump the city is written up for the infractions.

“Please help keep our landfill open by disposing of rubbish in the correct piles,” said Hiller. “These rules are mandated not by the City, but by the State, and continued infractions could result in losing our local landfill.”