Sully County Highway Department crew members erected signs for new speed limit and dynamic braking ordinances.

A Sully County Highway Department crew erected signs to indicate two recently passed county ordinances: a speed limit ordinance and a dynamic braking ordinance.

Under the speed limit ordinance, traffic may travel on 186th Street/Redwood Avenue (the ethanol plant road) at a speed of 45 mph from Highway 83 east to 4th Street.

From 4th Street east to the railroad crossing, the speed is reduced to 30 mph, and from the railroad crossing east to 305th Avenue/11th Street, the speed is reduced to 20 mph. The lowered speed limit is expected to reduce the threat of injury due to motor vehicle accidents along Redwood Avenue and at the intersection of Redwood Avenue and 11th Street.

The 186th Street/Redwood Avenue speed limits replicate the speed limits on 185th Street/Ash Avenue a mile north.

Under the dynamic braking ordinance, use of engine brakes is prohibited from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.