Penny (Cruthoff) Malevich Reynolds

“I had a wonderful growing up,” said Penny (Cruthoff) Malevich Reynolds.

Her family arrived in the area for her dad’s position as manager of the Anderson Lumber Company. “My sister Patty was born here,” said Penny. After a hiatus from Sully County for her father’s transfer to Mason City, IA, the family returned to Sully County, and engaged in farm work.

They made their home in Blaine Township, and Penny attended first grade at the “beautiful” Blaine School. “I was the only first grader,” said Penny. “I remember listening to the older kids and thinking, ‘I can’t wait to learn that.’”

After getting hailed out, the family moved into Onida where her mother taught school. When ‘75 Years of Sully County History, 1883 – 1958’ was written, her parents were operating the Coast-to-Coast store.

A 1956 graduate of Onida High School, Penny says that she was a member of the largest class ever to graduate Onida High up until that time. “We were a congenial class and did a lot together.”

It was while she was in high school that she got a job with Adeline Reynolds, who was the chair of the Extension Board. “I was active in 4-H and between my sophomore and junior years of high school, I worked for Mrs. Reynolds as her summer gal,” said Penny. “I was going with her son, George Reynolds, which was convenient.”

“I’m not sure how it happened, but in my junior year, I started working at the Watchman office,” said Penny.

Initially, her tasks were simple. “I called people to collect the Onida News,” said Penny. “Onida was a little bigger then.” Eventually she graduated to proofreading, and remembers working with the linotype operator Phillip Hess.

At the time, E.L. Thompson was the publisher of the Onida Watchman. “Mr. Thompson did a lot of jobs from the state, so there was a lot of assembling and stapling and getting things ready for others.”

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