LaCrista Ackerman

Medicine Creek Convenience Store cashier LaCrista Ackerman has been working in that position for the past year.

Citing what she likes about the job, Ackerman says, “I like seeing a lot of people and watching all the traffic.”

A motorcycle enthusiast, Ackerman became part of the traffic she enjoys watching this year when she went to her first

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. “It was awesome,” said Ackerman.

After completing high school in Gettysburg, Ackerman went directly into the workforce. She has two grown daughters who attended school in Groton. Explaining how she came to locate in Blunt, Ackerman says it was to be near to family. Her mother was Elette Crain, a Blunt resident who passed away in January 2020.

“My daughters are both out of high school, and I have two grandkids,” said Ackerman.

In her spare time, Ackerman says she does cross-stitch and she crochets. “I like to go camping. I spend time with my grandson” who is 4-years-old and lives in Gettysburg. “My other two live in Aberdeen.”

“I like living in Blunt,” said Ackerman.