Roger McGruder and Leo L. McGruder remove the veil covering the Historic Marker which recognizes the contributions of African American Homesteaders to the success of Sully County and South Dakota.

At a dedication ceremony Tuesday, Roger McGruder and Leo L. McGruder revealed the African American Homesteaders Historic Marker, which commemorates the contributions of Norvel Blair and the McGruder family to the settlement of Sully County.

Descendants of John McGruder who in 1906 bought a 1200 acre Sully County farm through real estate agent Betty Blair, a member of the Blair colony family, Roger McGruder and Leo McGruder together with the extended McGruder family were instrumental to the effort to get the marker erected.

Several dignitaries were on hand at the dedication ceremony, including Sully County native Erin Foth, a member of South Dakota Senator Mike Rounds’ office, and Sofia Mattensini, who represented the South Dakota State Historical Society.

McGruder family historian Jeanettee Parton gave the keynote address, noting that both the Blair and the McGruder families recognized the value of education and had an entrepreneurial spirit.