Kelsey Swift

Kelsey Swift arrived in the community in the spring of 2019 with her family of then boyfriend Josh Swift and sons Zakary and Christopher. “There was an opportunity for Josh at Ringneck Energy, and I was going to paramedic school in Sioux Falls.”

The pair married not long after arriving here, and found out they were expecting another baby not long after that. “Paramedic school was two nights a week online, and a quiz and an essay test every week.” When she discovered she was pregnant, the demands of the program were increasing, so she set her schooling aside and looked for work closer to home.

“I worked at The Corner for a little bit,” said Kelsey. A position at Ringneck in the accounts receivable department came open. “I didn’t really have the qualifications for the position,” but Josh’s coworkers asked her if she had looked into the position and encouraged her to ‘go for it.’

The learning curve for the position in accounts receivable has been pretty steep for Kelsey who explains, “I suck at math.” She works with both wet and dry feed ticketing, sending invoices to customers, and, with a “good boss I can go to with questions,” Kelsey has found she enjoys the work. “The software is user friendly. It’s nice to visit with people coming in to pay, and have conversations with customers that let me put faces to names.”

In addition to pursuing opportunities at Ringneck, Kelsey was lured to the community by her ties to the area. “My maternal grandfather is from Agar,” said Kelsey. “He had the Sorenson Corner Grocery Store and owned KCCR.”

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