June 13, 2002

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about high water and flooding. While there is some high water on the reservoirs, we are not flooding. If you have questions, give us a call at 605-224-4617 or send us an email at info@sdmissouririver.com and we’ll be happy to help!

If you have questions about dock access on any part of the Missouri River in Central South Dakota, you can check out this map from Game, Fish & Parks at https://gfp.sd.gov/maps/. Click on the Public Fishing Access map. Zoom in on the area you’re interested in to see dock access information.

Temps this week will start in the 70’s, and end up in the low 90’s by the end of the week. This is the time of year when fishing gets a little tougher and requires a little more patience. Remember sunscreen, fly spray, and plenty of water for a more comfortable time. Good luck catching!

REMINDER: Help stop the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species! Check out the Game, Fish & Parks web site for detailed info on the regulations. They are very specific so you’ll want to be sure you’ve read the regulations. If you love to fish the Missouri River in South Dakota, please do your part to keep the reservoirs free of aquatic invasive species.

Lake Oahe

In the Pollock and Mobridge area the fishing is still decent. North of Mobridge around 10-12 miles, up in the Grand River and Oak Creek area, seems to be the best right now. Bottom bouncers with crawlers and spinners are working in 20-40 feet in the main channel, and 10-20 feet in the tributaries.

At Akaska the fishing is going really well. Many anglers are finding success in the Swan Creek area. Crawlers are the best bait, with some anglers also pulling plugs, in 18-40 feet of water.

At Gettysburg the bite is decent and the fish are healthy and fat. Anglers are fishing five to ten miles north of town in 20-40 feet of water. Crawlers are the current bait of choice. Some anglers are finding nice walleye in the weeds, in about 4 feet of water, so don’t be afraid to check those areas out as well.

Around Spring Creek / Cow Creek the summer bite has been pretty consistent. Leeches, crawlers, and plugs are all working in 14-20 feet of water. Some salmon in the 25-28 pound range are being caught in around 80 feet of water.

Lake Sharpe

Around Pierre/Fort Pierre the 15-inch limit is off from now until September 1. Anglers are having success with bouncers and crawlers, leeches, or minnows in around 10-30 feet of water. Some anglers are also pulling plugs. West Bend is still putting out a lot of eater limits.

Lake Francis Case

Around Chamberlain the fishing has slowed down a little. There are plenty of fish, with some sorting necessary. Anglers are fishing anywhere from 20-30 feet, using spinners and crawlers. Many anglers are fishing in the Big Bend Dam area, and catching catfish, white bass, and some walleye in the fast water.

On Francis Case in the Platte area, the fishing has slowed down some. Anglers are fishing in 20-35 feet of water, and using bouncers with minnows or crawlers. Some anglers are using crankbaits. Smallmouth and crappie are also being caught.

In the Lake Andes, Wagner, Pickstown areas, the fishing has slowed a bit. Anglers are having success fishing in around 30 feet. Crawlers and minnows are the current bait of choice. A lot of nice, healthy looking catfish are being caught above and below the dam.

At Yankton fishing is pretty good. Anglers are catching lots of white bass and walleye out on the lake, and bluegill and crappie around the marina. Many are using crawlers and leeches with bouncers and spinners in 20-30 feet of water. Some anglers are also having success pulling plugs.

For more information and up-to-the-minute reports on fishing Lake Oahe, please call Kemnitz MoRest Motel in Mobridge at 605-845-3668 or Akaska Bait Shop at 605-649-7847. Call Bob’s Resort at 605-765-2500 or South Whitlock Resort at 605-765-9762 in Gettysburg. On Oahe and Sharpe call Hutch’s Guide Service at 605-220-2844. On Lake Sharpe and Lake Francis Case, contact Dakota Prairie Guide Service at 605-680-1910 or SD Dakota Walleye Charters at 605-366-1875. On Lake Francis Case, call Platte Creek Lodge at 605-941-1679 or Circle H Motel at 605-487-7652.

Remember – this report is a snapshot in time and changes can occur quickly. We suggest you call one of our members listed above – they can be very helpful with what is happening along the river. That way you’ll be assured of a great trip!