On Friday, January 7 the Charger girls traveled to Highmore to take on the Pirates. The JV girls took home a victory with an end score of 29-16 and the Varsity girls took home a hard loss in overtime with an end score of 50-54.

In the first quarter of the JV game the Chargers managed to score seven points holding the Pirates to none. In the second quarter of the game the Chargers outscored the Pirates by five points. The halftime score was 16-4, Chargers leading. In the third quarter the Pirates tripled the amount of points scored that quarter with 12 points to the Chargers four. Going into the final quarter of the game the Chargers scored nine more points and managed to hold the Pirates to scoring none again. The end score of the game was 29-16 with a Charger victory.

Caitlin Birney was the lead scorer with 11 points followed by Olivia Olson and Payge Bakker with six each; Natalie Miles, Jaydn Jaeger and Scotlynn Kinney with two points.

The Pirates outscored the Chargers 14-10 in the first quarter of the varsity game. The Chargers then doubled the number of points scored by the Pirates in the second quarter with 14 points and the Pirates seven. At the half the Chargers were leading 24-21. In the third quarter both teams worked hard but the Chargers managed to outscore the Pirates by two points with 16 points to their opponent’s 14. In the fourth quarter the Pirates doubled the amount of points scored in the quarter by the Chargers with ten points to our five leading the game to overtime with a tie. In overtime the Chargers worded very hard and managed to score five points while the Pirates pulled through and scored nine. The final score was 50-54, a Pirate victory.

SB lead scorer was Allyson Wittler with 14 points followed by Lydia Hill with 11 points, Stevie Wittler with nine, Tailynn Bradford with eight, Addison Chicoine and Caitlin Birney with four each. The Chargers were 11 for 14 at the free throw line and had 19 fouls, and the Pirates were 18 for 27 at the free throw line with 14 fouls.