Allyson Wittler playing defense.

The Sully Buttes girls’ varsity team had a victorious game against the Jones County Coyotes on Tuesday, February 4 with a score of 49-35. In the JV matchup the Chargers fought a very close and hard game and came out with a victory, 37-36.

Sully Buttes Varsity 49, Jones County Coyotes 35

In the first quarter of the matchup, the Chargers came out scoring 14 points and the Coyotes 8. The Coyotes managed to outscore the Chargers by one point in the second quarter with the Coyotes adding another 11 points and the Chargers another 10. The Chargers had the lead at half-time, 24-19.

In the third quarter, the Chargers scored another 15 points while the Coyotes scored 11 points. In the fourth quarter the Chargers doubled the points made by the coyotes with the Chargers scoring 10 and the Coyotes 5. The game concluded with a Charger victory, 49-35.

For the Chargers, Kendra Kleven was the lead scorer with 17 points.

SB: Jill Hofer 3, Allyson Wittler 14, Tailynn Bradford 5, Kendra Kleven 17, Stevie Wittler 10.

JC: Mallory Valburg 4, Emily Jacobs 7, Jadyn Jensen 15, Emma Hunt 3, Jolie Dugan 4, Peyton Rankin 2.

3-pt FG – SB 3 (A. Wittler 2, Bradford 1), JC 2 (Jacobs 1, Jensen 1). Fouls – SB 12 JC 11. Free- throw percentage – SB 4-7 for 57% JC 7-15 for 47%.

Sully Buttes JV 37,

Jones County 36

When the Sully Buttes JV team took the court for their game against Jones County, the Chargers scored 12 points and held the Coyotes to 4 points in the first quarter. Going into the second, the scoring was a little closer with the Chargers scoring 12 points and the Coyotes 9. At half-time, the Chargers were in the lead 24-13.

In the third quarter, the Coyotes came out scoring 14 points while the Chargers only scored 9. During the fourth quarter, the Chargers were outscored again with the Coyotes adding 9 points to their score and the Chargers only adding 4. At the buzzer the scoreboard indicated a Charger victory by 1 point, 37-36.

For the Chargers, Stevie Wittler was the lead scorer with 11 points.

SB: Calleigh Chicoine 8, Caitlin Birney 5, Stevie Wittler 11, Addison Chicoine 7, Trinity Kenzy 2, Payge Bakker 2.

JC: Peyton Rankin 3, Jolie Dugan 6, Alexis Moran 2, Taylor Feddersen 10, Bri Smith 4, Emma Hunt 11.

3pt FG – SB 2 (Birney 1, A. Chicoine 1) JC 3 (Rankin 1, Feddersen 2). Fouls – SB 9 JC 11. Free- throw percentage – SB 1-7 for 14% JC 5-11 for 45%.