Zach Farries at bat.
Against Faulkton in a doubleheader last Tuesday, July 23, on the home field, the Post 79 Varsity Teeners twice came out on top, 14-13 in the first game and 9-5 in the second
Post 79 – 14; Faulkton 13
Post 79 got off to a strong start in the first inning, sending five across the plate in the first inning to Faulkton’s three. With a strong showing in the third, Faulkton held the lead until the fifth, when Post 79 knotted the score at eleven. The score remained tied until the eighth inning when Blaine Duffel was struck by a pitch, driving in a run. Marshall Wittler and Blaine Hill had three hits during the game, and Jesse Schall had a game high four RBIs. Blaine Duffel and Dwight Kinney contributed three RBIs, and Marshall Wittler had a homerun.
Garrett Petersen earned the victory on the hill for Post 79. He allowed five hits and two runs over three innings, striking out three. Marshall Wittler threw three innings in relief out of the bullpen.
Batting 2B: Blaine Duffel 2, Dwight Kinney, Jesse Schall; HR: Marshall Wittler; TB: Blaine Duffel 4, Blaine Hill 3, Dwight Kinney 3, Garrett Petersen, Jesse Schall 3, Marshall Wittler 6; RBI: Blaine Duffel 3, Dwight Kinney 3, Garrett Petersen, Jesse Schall 4, Marshall Wittler 2; SAC: Caleb Chicoine; ROE: Dwight Kinney, Garrett Petersen, Jesse Schall; HBP: Blaine Duffel 2; SB: Zach Farries 2; PIK: Jesse Schall; Totals Team QAB: 22 (44.90%); Caleb Chicoine 2, Blaine Duffel 2, Zach Farries 4, Dwight Kinney 3, Garrett Petersen 3, Griffen Petersen 2, Jesse Schall 2, Marshall Wittler 4; Team LOB: 10 Fielding E: Blaine Duffel 2, Blaine Hill, Jesse Schall; DP: Zach Farries, Garrett Petersen.
Pitching W: Garrett Petersen; HBP: Blaine Duffel, Garrett Petersen, Marshall Wittler; Pitches-Strikes: Blaine Duffel 63-34, Garrett Petersen 45-26, Marshall Wittler 35-16; Groundouts-Flyouts: Blaine Duffel 2-1, Garrett Petersen 0-3, Marshall Wittler 3-2; First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Blaine Duffel 11-19, Garrett Petersen 8-15, Marshall Wittler 5-12.
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 R H E
P79 5 0 3 0 3 0 2 1 14 13 4
Flktn 3 0 7 0 1 0 2 0 13 16 3
Post 79 – 9; Faulkton 5
In the second contest on the night, Post 79 was also victorious, netting five unanswered runs in the second inning, three in the third, and one in the fourth. Faulkton scored two runs in the first and sent three across the plate in the fifth, but it was too little too late. Reese Voorhees hit a double and had two RBIs. Zach Farries, Dwight Kinney, Garrett Petersen, Caleb Chicoine, Jesse Schall, and Marshall Wittler all had one RBI.
Thomas Farries led things off on the mound for Post 79. He lasted four innings, allowing two hits and two runs while striking out five and walking zero.
Batting 2B: Reese Voorhees; TB: Caleb Chicoine, Thomas Farries, Dwight Kinney, Jesse Schall, Reese Voorhees 2; RBI: Caleb Chicoine, Zach Farries, Dwight Kinney, Garrett Petersen, Jesse Schall, Reese VoOrhees 2, Marshall Wittler; ROE: Dwight Kinney; FC: Jesse Schall; SB: Blaine Duffel, Zach Farries, Dwight Kinney, Jesse Schall; Totals Team QAB: 15 (51.72%); Caleb Chicoine, Blaine Duffel 2, Zach Farries, Thomas Farries, Landon Hepker 2, Blaine Hill, Griffen Petersen, Jesse Schall 2, Reese Voorhees, Marshall Wittler 3; Team LOB: 8 Fielding E: Thomas Farries;
Pitching HBP: Caleb Chicoine, Thomas Farries; WP: Caleb Chicoine; Pitches-Strikes: Caleb Chicoine 36-18, Thomas Farries 41-30; Groundouts-Flyouts: Caleb Chicoine 0-0, Thomas Farries 3-3; First pitch strikes-Batters faced: Caleb Chicoine 5-8, Thomas Farries 11-15.
   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 R H E
Post 79 0 5 3 1 x x x 9 3 1
Faulkton 2 0 0 0 3 x x 5 5 1