Sully Paxton and Rafe Wientjes finished in third and fourth place respectively in tiedown at the South Dakota High School Finals Rodeo. They  are pictured with the the breast collars for their saddles  they were awarded. By finishing in the top four, they qualified to compete at Nationals.

The Sully Buttes High Schoool Rodeo Club showed what purple and gold are made of as the club proceeded to make their way up to the National High School Finals Rodeo. Chase Yellowhawk, Sully Paxton, and Rafe Wientjes are the team members who will be advancing.

They, along with Blaine Hill and Taylor Burgee, met the requirements for competing at the South Dakota High School Finals Rodeo last week by accumulating at least three points and placing in the top 10 in three of the state’s four regional rodeos. “They can pick their top three of the four rodeos in each event, so they may come into state with as much as 30 points in an event,” said Rodeo Club advisor Tracy Wientjes.

“It’s great that our entire team made it to State, and to have three of our team members advance to the National High School Rodeo is a really big honor,” Wientjes.

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