Allyson Wittler and Stevie Wittler watch the ball as their teammate Caitlin Birney is about to bump the ball.

On Tuesday October 12, the Sully Buttes Charger volleyball team traveled to Ft Pierre to take on the Stanley County Buffaloes. The Chargers came out with a victory in five matches (26-24) (15-25) (16-25) (25-17) (15-10).

The lead servers for the night were Stevie Wittler with 18 total serves and five aces and Lydia Hill with a total of 14 serves with three aces. Lydia Hill and Allyson Wittler were the lead hitters for the night with Lydia having a total of 46 hits with 18 kills and Allyson having a total of 31 hits with 14 kills. Calleigh Chicoine had a total of 53 sets with 53 assists and Tailynn Bradford had a total of 79 sets with 27 assists. Cailtin Birney was the lead serve receiver with 40 serve receives. Lead digger was Stevie Wittler with 17 digs. Stevie Wittler and Lydia Hill had a total of two block assists.